The perfect solution for
small companies to hire big talent

Where other software require training and are expensive, Peerfect is
designed to help startups and small companies scale for a fair price.

Does this look familiar to you?

The struggle between scaling the business and hiring new talents is real.
Meet Peerfect, your new way of recruiting.

The Old Way versus Peerfect Way
Thousands of Google Docs and spreadsheets to specify job requirements Create, maintain and collaborate job openings in one place
Unread emails and missing chats on Slack Streamlined communication on the platform
$$$ on external recruiting Cut costs with employee referrals
$$$ on recruiting software $ 49 a month
$$$ on additional features or to invite the whole team onboard No hidden fees, no extra charges - everyone in the team is welcome

"Are you like Indeed or something?"

Good question, but nope. Check some of our differences below:

Features LinkedIn, / Indeed Job board, / Basic ATS Peerfect
Smart Analytics & Reporting Smart Analytics & Reporting
Candidate information Rich Candidate Profile
Talent pool Talent Pool
Job page World-class Job Pages
Career page Branded Career Page
Custom recruiting pipeline Custom Recruiting Pipeline
Internal Referral Program Employee Referrals
Bounty Hunt Bounty Hunt Rewards
Centralizaded Communication Streamlined Communication
Workflow management Workflow Management
Interview scheduling Interview Scheduling
Job requisition Job Requisition

Our mission is to make employee referrals your #1 sourcing strategy. Here is why:


7% of candidates are referrals, but 40% of hires have come from that source.


Tap into the power of your own employees and their network.

Peerfect Feature

Employee Referrals

Peerfect gives you all the tools you need to make smart decisions in your recruiting process. It combines all candidates from all sources into one place, giving you an overview and allows you to hire the best candidate at all times. Through a fully functional and customizable pipeline no candidate will fall through the cracks anymore!

Boost your employee referrals with
our gamification: The Bounty Hunt


Employee referrals are stated as the source with the highest quality-of-hire.


Your employees refer candidates for open job positions and get rewarded if their indication is hired.

Peerfect Feature

Bounty Hunt

Peerfect aims to make all your employees into recruiters. As employer, you’ll get the opportunity to put out a reward for the person that indicated the hired candidate! You’ll now be able to use the biggest recruitment force in your company: your employees! They bring in the highest quality candidate source in existence, so why not capitalize on that?

As easy and collaborative as it gets

Peerfect was not designed only for HR, it was designed for the whole company

Collaborative job creation

We all know how much time it costs to complete a job description, getting all the requirements, getting the right people involved, setting the budget, etc.

We know it can be a hassle, so Peerfect has made the job creation process collaborative, you can now ask your coworker to fill in specific parts of the description and leave the rest to the others!

This will allow for a faster, cleaner process and, most importantly, you can throw out all those documents with different versions of the same thing!

Is your Designer too busy? We got you covered.
Create beautiful job pages in 5 minutes:

All conversations in one place

The struggle to find that one email or to find that one resume is real, that’s why Peerfect features an email solution that will give you back the overview of and control over the correspondence with your candidates.

You’ll know exactly what was sent to each candidate and who sent it. In addition to this, Peerfect features email templates and automatic communication flows to allow you to focus on the things that really matter.

Say goodbye to email mess and say hello
to Peerfect!

Adopting employee referral sourcing,
your company will also:

Shorten the
recruiting process

Referrals are hired 55% faster than those who come through a career site.

Save on external
recruiting fees

Your employees refer candidates for open job positions and get rewarded if their indication is hired.

Strenghten the
cultural fit

Referrals usually fit the culture of the company better than candidates from other sources.

Transparent pricing

We value your time and your money

$ 49 / month
We have one plan and one plan only

No hidden fees, no extra charges. This is it.

  • Unlimited Job Posts
  • Unlimited Team Seats
  • Collaborative Job Creator
  • Beautiful Job Pages
  • World-class Career Page
  • Employee Referrals
  • Bounty hunt
  • Streamlined communication
  • and much more…
$ 49 / month
We have one plan and one plan only

No hidden fees, no extra charges. This is it.

It's also important to state that our product is not made for medium/big companies that require 24h live support, many integrations and specific features to operate. We won't be a good choice if you are looking for a premium applicant tracking software.

All we have is a self-service, lean and smart solution tailored for small companies. That's how we stay competitive at $49.

Coming out soon,
join us now! 👊