How much easier would growing your business be if hiring was not rocket science?

You deserve a complete tool to manage your hiring process like a pro, even if you don’t have an HR
expert in your company.

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Otávio Tatata

“I am amazed at how much user-friendly Peerfect is. It’s so easy even people that never had experience with HR can use it.“

Otávio D. Torres

Head of People

"Peerfect helps us develop our own hiring process better and scale it across our 11 branches. It's nuts."

Guilherme Moreira

Tech Lead

"Peerfect was chosen to FbStart program because of its impressive development so far and its potential for continued growth."

Don't let an unstructured and inefficient hiring process delay your success

The struggle to find that one email or to find that one resume while still attracting and keeping good candidates in the loop is real. Streamline your process with Peerfect so candidates won't fall through the cracks anymore!

1. Build pages that
attract great talent

Employer branding first

Our page builder will get you a world-class career page in no time.

Highlight the company culture

Share with the world why people love to work in your company.

Use your own domain

Career and job pages using your URL, i.e.:

Get the team to help

Invite the whole team to help. Games are better in co-op mode.

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2. Manage, qualify, interview and
evaluate candidates seamlessly

Customizable pipeline

Qualify candidates through job stages and see what fits you best.

Email centralization

All emails exchanged with the candidate are kept in Peerfect.


Schedule interviews through the platform to the candidate calendar.

Talent pools

Tag interesting candidates to be recycled for future opportunities.

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3. Use templates to scale
multiple job openings

Initial templates

Our HR expert designed some initial templates to help you start.

Email templates

Boost your productivity with templates for each job stage.

Pipeline templates

Once you have a killer pipeline, you can replicate it to the company.


Use tags to boost talent pools. e.g.: “frontend god”, “awesome person”

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Vacant positions cost money and delay operations.

Don't wait for time to pass by! Start today your hiring plan.

Save up to 20%

Early stage

Companies hiring the first
peers (1-10 employees)

$ 228 billed annually
billed monthly
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Scaling up

Companies with a couple of
job openings (11-50 employees)

$ 588 billed annually
billed monthly
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High growth

Companies with a bold
hiring plan (50+ employees)

$ 2388 billed annually
billed monthly
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What the F.A.Q.? 🤔

1. Do you charge any setup fees?

No, we don’t. Unless you require migration a database from a previous recruiting software to Peerfect. In this case we will help you migrate your data for a small fee depending on file size.

2. Can I invite all my team to the software?

Yes! We don’t charge any extra for the team seats. Invite as many as you would like.

3. Is Peerfect GDPR ready?

Yes! We are a GDPR compliant software.

4. Are there any hidden costs in the onboarding process?

Absolutely not. What you see is what you get, you will have no surprises.

5. Can I cancel the subscription by myself?

Yes, you can. If you don’t feel like keeping your subscription, just head to the settings panel and cancel it. We will miss you, but no hard feelings.

6. Does Peerfect help sourcing candidates?

No, we don’t. We make sure the platform is working properly so you can receive either applicants via job page forms or add them manually.

Let's grow together!

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